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About the Electronic Planroom

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Plans & Specifications
Syrabex.com posts all plans, specs, and addenda on-line throughout the day.  You may view, download, print, or email to interested bidders in a matter of seconds.  Eliminate the cost of plans - FOREVER!  Syrabex.com also makes available the entire spec book, divided by section and linked to only the pages you need.

Current Projects Out for Bid
A summary listing of all projects that are currently in the bidding stage, arranged in bid date order, is available to all members.  The summary contains 14 pieces of information for each project.

Search for Projects & Customize Your Reports
Due to the volume of projects reported by Syrabex.com, it is suggested that you set up custom searching filters to identify only those projects that are of interest to your company.  Filters may include counties; dollar volume; new constructions, remodeling, and non-building; public and private jobs; categories such as government, church, educational; key words; CSI Codes; etc.

New Projects
This option allows users to select only those projects that have been entered into the system since their last visit.  By recognizing each user individually, the system will display each new project every time your company logs on to our website.

Project Tracking
Our customer project tracking program allows you to organize all of your important projects in one place, with one click of the mouse, including active and post-bid projects.  In addition, you may choose to track with email.  If selected, we will email all changes involving your tracked projects including addenda, bid list updates, bid date extension, apparent lows, and contract awards.  

Don't have time to visit our site everyday?  Don't worry, just read your email and stay informed. Tracking with email may be activated for each of your filters, which allows us to "push" information to your computer each morning in a single comprehensive email.
Apparent Low Bidders
Once a project has bid, it is moved into the Apparent Low Bidders where it will stay until the Bid Results are released.  After 90 days, it will be moved into Archived Projects, where it remains for up to two years.

Statistical Research Center
This feature allows you to track any company in our database, showing you current activity as well activity from the past two years.  You can review company activity by industry segment and by territory.  This powerful feature of our website will extract valuable information not available anywhere else in the industry.

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